Platform NXT-Fleet


The platform was developed at the cutting-edge Full Web 2.0 technology in Erlang, a programming language used to build massively scalable soft
real-time systems with requirements on high availability (like Amazon or WhatsApp).

In addition to be user friendly and complete, it allows also:

To easily yield large volumes of data

To have multi-report in real time

To activate thousands of boxes at the same time

To edit over the air the platform used by the client


Kuantic and Toyota invested more than 1.9 million into an audit by CISCO. The result was a certification by both CISCO and TOYOTA.

  • Offer in white label
  • Fully accessible with API doc
  • Broadcast data, OBU level & third party web services
  • 2 interfaces
  • Security protected access

    Vehicle usage (hours)

  • Calculation of drivers’ hours worked and overtime with automatic generation of customizable reports
  • Control of usage: driver on-duty and off-duty report
  • Real mileage

  • Control of the distances covered (insurance per mile, leasing contract, etc.).
  • Easy planning of maintenance operations
  • Real time mechanical alerts

    Preventive management due to the notification of required maintenance (oil level, brake failure, coolant level, and other)

    Real time fuel consumption

    Precise evaluation and monitoring of the evolution of the fuel costs of all vehicles in the fleet

    Eco driving

  • Significant reduction in fuel costs through driving behavior analysis and related advice
  • Raising employee awareness of more responsible conduct
  • Active contribution to the organization’s environmental approach
  • Real time geolocation

  • Optimization of routes and different routes for each vehicle
  • Reduction of wasted journeys
  • Increase in the speed of intervention by searching for the vehicle closest to a point of interest
  • Easy verification of contractual commitments with customers
  • Better anticipation of possible delivery delays