How does the system work?

how it work

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NXTelematics and Kuantic produce M2M SIM Card which is multi-operator and offers worldwide coverage. When it connects, the Sim Card scans and connects to the best available network. In the event of a loss of signal or unavailability of the main network, it will automatically switch to a secondary network, thus guaranteeing continuity of service anywhere in the U.S.

The SIM card is integrated into the control unit (telematics device) which is manufactured in Germany by Kuantic. Our device is specifically designed for industrial - and governmental applications and environments, and is guaranteed by major car manufacturers including Toyota, Renault, Daimler and PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel).

The telematics box unit is installed in the vehicle and activated by our Technical Support Team.

CAN Bus data (Controller Area Network) is collected by the control unit and sent to the cloud.

The fleet management platform NXT-fleet receives all the data in real time and can even send messages/missions/itineraries to the driver via an Android or iOS App. It is a software which collects, groups, and analyses fleet data.