Unlike many geo-tracking or fleet telematics providers, NXTelematics device is engineered and tested in-house

With more than 300 parameters, our telematics device, has a number of unique features unmatched on the market, particularly regarding SIM card management and the availability of numerous settings.

With the integrated M2M SIM card, the device allows
you to pull up relevant information on vehicles of the same fleet:

Routes chosen

Average and momentary speeds

Optimization of distances and of the mileage driven

Travel time and duration of stops

Alarms for specific activities

Measurement of fuel /battery/engine oil levels

Connected to the OBD II port or to the CAN BUS of the vehicle, the device allows to pull up relevant information and send it in real time to the NXT-Fleet platform.

The device has passed successfully all the tests required and received numerous certifications worldwide, included the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As the automotive sector requires a level of quality beyond the conventional standards of consumer electronics in general, the scope of error is reduced to 0.009/100. Therefore 9 devices out of 100,000 is likely to fail.